The Small Village

  • Bosco della Spina is located in a small village with ancient origins and an enchanting name, Lupompesi. It is located on top of a hill with a breathtaking view of Crevole valley overlooking the medieval village of Murlo in the distance; in short, a perfect Tuscany postcard.

  • For generations, the structure has been part of the Meoni family farm, which still manages the complex. It housed the wine cellar, where the first stages of winemaking were carried out, the granaries, the stables, and housing for the early farmers. The family farm still produces cereals, an excellent IGT red wine Svoltacarrozze, and extra virgin olive oil.

  • The Meoni family, consisting of two architect parents and four children, in addition to the love for the land and its fruits, also has a passion for design and architecture.

    In 1999, they decided to renovate a part of the village initially creating a cluster of 14 apartments, restaurant halls within the old wine cellar, a tasting room and a meeting room, swimming pool and terraced gardens.

  • The complex has been designed by the owners, from layout to windows, from furniture to lights. Great attention to details has been paid, using materials with an antique flavor such as terracotta, wood, marble, leather and wrought iron; beams and stone walls have been preserved, overall incorporating a pleasing contemporary aesthetic.

    Recently the compound has been enriched, again in the village of Lupompesi, by adding 7 rooms, a new reception area, a TV and games room, and a corner shop for tasting and purchasing a selection of farm products and wines, as well as beautiful objects designed by the family.

  • During their stay, guests can absorb the cultural heritage of a lovely Tuscan medieval village as they stroll picturesque passages reach the private pool or restaurant, to relax in the garden, admiring the scenic panorama while sipping a glass of wine, an espresso, or sampling a bruschetta made with locally produced Km 0 extra virgin olive oil.