For cyclists

Bosco della Spina is an excellent choice for a professional cyclist, an amateur or just a bike-tourist.

  • Location

    Bosco della Spina is located where the most beautiful landscapes of Tuscany meet: the Crete Senesi, Maremma, the Val d’Orcia, and the vineyards of Montalcino. It is the land of the legendary route of L'Eroica, Grand Tour della Val di Merse, and Strade Bianche.

  • Facilities and services
    dedicated to cyclists

    The following facilities and services are free of charge to cyclists: A small workshop for bicycles, a garage, bike wash area, cyclist room, sports linen washing area.

  • Tribute to the Cycling world

    Each apartment is dedicated to champions of international cycling and they display biographies of champions and faithful reproductions of original jerseys.

    Walk around the common areas and discover images of vintage bicycles and posters from past international Eroica events.

  • Bike Point
    Terra Eroica

    Bosco della Spina is a Bike Point TERRA EROICA: here you can purchase at a cost of € 10 a map and kit to follow the regular routes and stamp your map along the way to certify your heroic feat. Experience the joy of cycling the Eroica routes every day of the year, thanks to the L'Eroica and Eroica Montalcino Permanent Routes.

    Ride on the enchanting white roads of Terra Eroica, exploring the most beautiful landscapes of the Chianti and Val d'Orcia areas.

    Start the permanent routes in any of the municipalities they pass through and take as many days as needed. Ride the routes all year round on any type of bike.

  • Creation of routes
    based on your bike type

    Some routes are suggested depending on your bike type: Road bike, MTB, Vintage, Electric bike, Gravel. Customized routes will be gladly created on request according to your needs.

  • Extra services
    dedicated to the cyclist

    Constant assistance is on offer for everything that could be useful: bike rental, transfer of people or luggage between locations, mechanics, guides, masseurs, photographers and videos makers.